As tramcar is not very popular in Hong Kong, it is quite difficult to find and gather a group of people who have the same passion in tram. Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast was, as a result, founded and registered in March 2006 in Hong Kong to serve as a platform gathering people with common interest.

It aims at promoting and providing a discussion channel on every news among the tram industry. People with common interest in tram are, therefore, given a chance to know each other and exchange their information through the web. By knowing people from different age groups and background, horizon could be broadened and they are surely the assess to help developing tramcar in the future.

In June 2011, July 2012 and 2013, we published tram books, “We Love Tram” , "A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways" and "Tram Art Gallery" which introduces tram with the input from numerous tram fans. Our books received tremendous public support and good reviews.


 Our Committee Team:

 Mr. Eric Lee (Chairman)

 Mr. Travis Lo (Committee)

 Mr. Joe Fung (Committee)

 Mr. Andy Leung (Committee)

 Miss Athena Kung (Legal Adviser)

 Mr. Alan Cheung (Consultant)

 Miss Vicky Lam (Public Relations)


  • Rewards to Tram Friends

We organize various activities like members’ reunion, tramcar models sharing, group tram-riding, photos sharing, etc. We welcome all sorts of activities; please raise your suggestion at the discussion blog, so that we could discuss and come up with the best activity for all members.

  • Achievement

With the effort in promoting Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast’s webpage, participating various tramways related activities among the communities and introducing new tramcars, Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast is being rewarded and notified by tram-fans and media:

 Dec 2014 - Hong Kong Tramways - Carrying our culture and life stories for 110 years exhibition 
 Feb 2014 - Tram Party, the Wedding Magazine by the Standard
 Sept 2013 - "Hong Kong Trams Station" is soft opening at the Peak Galleria  
 July 2013 - Tram and Bus Exhibition
 July 2013 - Tram Book "Tram Art Gallery"
 July 2013 - Interviewed by Sudden Weekly  (Chinese version only)
 April 2013 - Interviewed by Metropop (Chinese version only)
 April 2013 - Interviewed by (Chinese version only)
 Sept 2012 - Interviewed by (Chinese version only)
 Aug-Sept 2012 - TRAM ART Gallery Exhibition
 Aug 2012 - New Brand - "TRAM ART Gallery" launched
 July 2012 - Tram Book "A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways"
 July 2012 - Guangdong Dim Sum TV Interview
 Feb 2012 - PHTV Program - "Speck Out Hong Kong" interview
 Dec 2011 - March 2012 - "A Hundred Years of inging Tram Stories Exhibition" at Wan Chai Livelihood Place
 July 2011 -  Interviewd by various presses AFP (Agence France-Presse) TV, Apple Daily, nowTV, I-Cable, The Sun, Metro Broadcast
 July-Oct 2011 - A Centenary Date with Tram & Bus Exhibition at Peak Galleria
 July 2011 - Tramric Product & Design Limited launched.
 May 2011 - "WE LOVE TRAM"  new tram book released !
 Feb 2011 - Interviewd by various presses Japan kyodo news, Apple Daily
 Oct 2010 - Interviewd by various presses Apple Daily, Weekend HK, Oriental Daily

 Jun 2010 - Tram Friends joined and shared tram models at a community activity, Old Days Exhibition, rasied by DAB


 Jun 2009 - joined and shared tram model at Millennium Tram Exhibition

 Apr 2009 - interviewed by various presses RTHK,The SunEastweekSing Tao Post ,South China Morning PostMing Pao & Phoenix Satellite TV


 Nov 2008 - interviewed by monthly journal "Vasirty"

 Apr 2008 - interviewed by  Hong Kong Magazine


 Dec 2007 - interviewed for the production of TV-series  "Hong Kong Story" by RTHK

 Jul 2007 -  interviewed for the production of TV-series "Trend Flagship" HK cable TV

 Feb 2007 - MY Tramways was visited by well-known tram model designer/producer TramAlan  


 Apr 2006 - interviewed by Sing Tao Post

 Apr 2006 - For exhibition purpose, MY Tramways 3 tramcars, #128, #82 & #19 were lent to  City University of Hong Kong

 Mar 2006 - Tram Friends under MY Tramways was founded and registered in Hong Kong to serve as a platform gathering people with common interest


  • Trademark establishment,  Product Realization

With our network of enthusiasts, business partners, and knowledge of the merchandise market, Tramric’s creation is part of Tram Friends®’ desire to diversify and further develop. Through the partnership with Hong Kong Tramways, Tramric is an entity to carry out tram exhibitions, design and produce a series of unique and creative products that reflect the tram’s history and landmark status in Hong Kong. Tramric provides professional advice and ideas for design and introduces tram-related products for the marketing of Hong Kong tramways.

Website :


Hong Kong Trams Station, is the first museum introduces a unique history and culture of Hong Kong Trams, is presented at the Peak Galleria.

Our mission of our gallery is to bring a wonderful insight to the public, and promote the trams and local culture. As a museum and souvenirs shop, a collection of historical tram products are on display, including valuable items like the money collector in 70s', old tram tickets, iron-made tram models, featuring a reconstructed tram scene in 50s'. Visitors can experience it by sitting on an old wooden seat.

Website :


"TRAM ART Gallery" is the first transport-themed photography brand comprising of many professional photographers that specialize in social interaction themes. The Photographers hope to go beyond the traditional and build a new style of tram-themed photography.

Website :


  • Future

With the continuous support from all tram fans, we are looking forward to hearing your valuable idea and suggestion on tram design and development. We will continuously re-engineer our tramcars and develop new tramcars with modern technologies, so that the legend of tram could be brought to the next generations.

  • Disclaimer

The establishment of Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast is to share founder’s design on tram models and provide tram related information. The copyright of any photos or pictures shown in the webpage is reserved to the web founder! All information provided at webpage is for reference ONLY, Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast will not take any liability or give any compensation legally if anyone uses the content and leading to any injury, death and loss of property.